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Please forgive my spotty posts. I have a number of things in the air, so to speak, right now. I’m trying to keep them all moving and off of the floor until the semester ends.

Image result for disgusted face free images I sometimes wonder why I have the urge to run from my life. For a brief period of time Winona Ryder had me question my mental health with her portrayal of a young woman in Girl Interrupted. It was very brief. At that time I had lots of pressure to conform to the racial thinking of the time (weird how I say “of the time” as though it were ancient history); however, a few visits with a counselor revealed what I already knew deep down the whole time; there is nothing wrong with me other than that I live in a screwed up world.

People, man, people (my favorite line from the movie Crash). Even with the passing of time and our brand new “post racial” society from which we have apparently back peddled a few years ago (Excuse me, please, but do I have whiplash? It feels like I might.), today, here I am again. People, man, people.

I used to say two steps forward and three back about this issue, but I’ll correct myself today: we are moving in centimeters, at best. There are no measurements that resemble feet or meters to be found here. It’s always the same tired nonsense from the same ignorant people, who, by the way, are very often completely uncritical in their assessment of the world. But unfortunately, you cannot get the uncritical to critically assess the uncritical nature of their thinking (My Gawd, I feel dizzy; did I mention that I suffer from vertigo and none of this BS helps with that issue?).

Over the years, I have limited my conversations with people about race-based issues because those people, quite frankly, annoy me with the limited thinking that backs the conversations, and I will not spend my time trying to convince an idiot that he or she is indeed an idiot (only an idiot would engage in that merry-go-round). In short, I overlook a great deal of nonsense so that I can be relatively free of the over-sized bag of stupidity that many people tote around on their backs in hopes of finding a place to drop it off so that someone else can enjoy it.

While I know that my friends who read this post do not need a lesson in critical thinking, race, or any other diversity issue that requires in-depth thought, for anyone else who may pass by: folks, there is a difference between affirmative action and quotas; they simply are not the same. And white people, and I am a white person, please quit stopping  me in the hall to tell me how black people are taking all of the jobs because black people are treated as though they are special. First, history tells us who received the preferential treatment and who did not. I implore you, white people, to look at laws, policies, social norms, family, and finances, to name a few racial issues that are relatively easy to assess; clearly black people are not “winning,” so please stop your whining. For the love of God, white people, please stop your whining!!!

And second, why are you seeking me out to tell me these ridiculous things? You already know that I am not going to agree with you, so why annoy either one of us? I just cannot understand it. I leave you alone, don’t I?

I could add a third, forth, fifth, sixth, etc. point here, but there really is no point in that, is there?

I know why I have the urge to run, and it is not that I have the urge to run from my own life. More, I simply have the urge to run from crazy people who go out of their way to annoy others. In the politically polarized United States, where feelings are increasing equated with facts, I suspect I will have the urge to run regularly.

People, man, people.



4 thoughts on “People

  1. What’s to comment, other than to say this is a smartly written, on point, post. And I agree. I too know all about the desire to run, but where to? I already know it’s the same everywhere, even if the topics of conversations differ. I tried suicide a couple of times in my younger, more courageous days, but that avenue is morally closed to me now. So, I wait, watch, listen, smile benignly when appropriate and refrain from adding fuel to the polluting fires and choking smoke.

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      1. I was all set to go off the grid, early 1980’s, with another couple, Vietnam draft dodger, on a 1/4 section of land in central BC (Canada) but “spirit” intervened and I was called back to “active duty” down here in the Lower Mainland. I’ve always had this “bad habit” of putting service to others ahead of personal preferences… and here I am, almost 40 years later, still trying to convince myself I made the right choice. Well, when we make choices based on our innate nature I suppose they must be the right choices. You are a very intelligent and aware person, going off grid would be taking that away from creating more awareness in those whose lives you touch “here and now.” Maybe let younger ones try out the off grid thing – it’s a romantic vision but not many can pull it off.

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      2. Thanks for the kind words. I’m always working on my awareness. Just when I think that I have a good handle on something I realize that there is a lot more personal work in store for me 😂 I have been told many times that I am supposed to stay and help “my people” (Southern Americans). When I wanted to move to a more liberal area years ago, I was told that the choir didn’t need me. Sometimes, however, I wonder how I know these fine people because we think so differently. However, what I do share with them is an understanding of southern traditions like holiday celebrations, food, dialect, outdoor activities, music, and so forth. I do love them, but they exhaust me on occasion.
        FYI-My Canadian dad guided much of my thinking as a child, which may have deeply affected my view of the world and may explain why I see things differently than my counterparts.
        Thanks for the encouragement!❤


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