Hatred Breeds Hatred

Two steps back…again!

Diane Ravitch's blog

Is this America?

Pipe bombs directed at the leaders of a major political party. Today, a shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh and multiple fatalities. Neo-Nazis and white nationalists marching in public and beating up protesters. Efforts to suppress the votes of blacks and Hispanics in multiple states. Transgender people stripped of their rights. Mobs chanting “Lock her up” at presidential rallies, referring to the candidate who lost the last election. Attacks on freedom of the press. Bombs for the media. On and on the hatred goes, rolling from group to group, growing in intensity.

Guns everywhere. Military-style weapons freely available at gun shows and on the Internet. A powerful lobby controlling the votes of elected officials, who protect the right of gun-sellers to traffic in guns without any limits.

Racism. Misogyny. Homophobia. Xenophobia. Anti-Semitism. These are not new phenomena in American history. Until now, government and the law and…

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