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The Importance of Critical Pedagogy

Rise Up Times shares a sobering essay by Henry A. Giroux. It’s a long read, but an excellent launching point to review modern political history–as truth and reality must be the foundation of today’s American resistance…

via Henry A. Giroux: Trump’s War on Dangerous Memory and Critical Thought | Rise Up Times — JoAnn Chateau


5 thoughts on “The Importance of Critical Pedagogy

  1. The main concern of Trump et al is the money thy control and the power it gives them. Like the old ruling class of Rome they think laws apply to others but not themselves and they place no value on the working classes. They cannot be allowed to rule unchecked and must be brought to book when anything is proven. We should have the right to sack politicians who don’t do the job properly.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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