Our commonalities with Russia

I am not sure exactly what is going on in our country lately, but I feel sure that it includes incompetent, ill-mannered and morally deficient “professionals.”  Secretary Clinton may have been right on target where the phrase “basket of deplorables” can be transferred to the principle players of President-elect Trump’s forming administration. I simply cannot find a reasonable alternate explanation for the recent events surrounding Russia.

The emerging administration actually feels to me like a criminal organization in some ways, and I anticipate that at some point we, and by we I mean Americans, will likely uncover some sort of legally questionable evidence where the actions of the Trump administration are concerned.

The blatant lies from Trump and his gaggle are unacceptable, and the attempts to manipulation Americans are inexcusable. The only stupid people and fools, as Trump called some of us in a tweet recently, are those who are manipulated by his lies, which seems to be his base.  His apparent determination that the American people are stupid enough to keep believing in his nonsense is sickening, to say the least. This man, in my view, is simply not a good person. In fact, I believe that his psychology borders on hateful, rather than kindful, as my youngest son used to say when he was a toddler.

To disagree with another is acceptable, even admirable at times; however, Trump goes way beyond simple disagreement. Trump seems to attempt to bully others through multiple strategies such as social branding, threats, and intimidation, to name a few.  He seems to relish going after what he views as weak spots in others (i.e., underdeveloped critical thinking skills, limited resources, etc.).  He has been honest, however, in how much he appreciates Mr. Putin’s “strong leadership” characteristics, which also are reported to include bullying strategies such as social branding, threats, and intimidation of the Russian people.

Maybe we do have more in common with Russia than we think.


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