Deafening Silence

It’s ridiculous.

Why exactly is President-elect Trump (otherwise known as Mr. Diarrhea of the Mouth) all of a sudden deafeningly silent? For someone who has ran his vulgar mouth for well over a year now with the results of his comments culminating into absolute nothingness, it sure does seem like the cat has got his tongue, so to speak.

I’m surprised that I have not heard something along the lines of the following: Believe me, this will not happen again because I will make very, very sure that it absolutely doesn’t happen again. Believe me. Okay? Trust me. Trust me. It’s going to be so great that you won’t even believe how great it is going to be. Okay? Believe me. It’s going to be so, so fantastic that you’re not going to believe it. I could tell Putin to get on his knees right now and he would do it. Seriously. Trust me. We are going to make America great again. Believe me. Okay?

But, alas, I don’t hear any of it. In fact, I  believe I hear just the opposite with what little comments Trump has put out via Twitter. And where on earth are his followers? Is it me, or are they suprisingly silent on this matter as well?

Please do not give me some White Working-class nonsense as an excuse for their silence. I grew up the child of White Working-class people, and I have understood as far back into childhood as my memory will take me that Russia is not an American ally. Even with some historical changes, a former KGB officer leads Russia ; That’s all that needs to be said.

Just like the rest of you, I  grew up watching stereotypical depictions of bad guys in movies and reading stories that included those same depictions.  I remember clearly that those characters were almost always Russian, rather than the middle eastern depictions seen more often in those same types of roles today.

Many members of Congress are older than me, so I feel sure that those individuals remember our country’s turbulent history with Russia, and if they don’t remember it, they should pick up a history book and read about it!

It’s interesting how some people in our population appear to have some level of tolerance for Russian based terrorism, but those same people often want to punish anyone who shares ethnicity with someone who appears Muslim, even when the shared ethnicity has nothing to do with acts of terrorism. It’s  a contradiction, to say the least.

Terrorism is terrorism, folks. When American men and women lack outrage  (or even concern) over Russian based terrorist behavior, the lack of care for the issue directs me to question whether or not those individuals are true Patriots. However, the contradictions surrounding patriotism versus terrorism should not be all that surprising to me because in this country we have a long history of approving of or making escuses for some types of terrorism, largely those acts committed by White men, while preparing to fight over others. Perhaps Putin is simply another example of our bias.

As for Trump, a self proclaimed smart guy, he should be able to defend his views publicly rather than hiding in his office making jabs and complaining through twitter like a spoiled child. I’m starting to think that he is afraid of the press, most likely because he isn’t as smart as he professes.


2 thoughts on “Deafening Silence

    1. Thanks for your interesting question. Those words are actually paraphrased from the work of renowned education reformer Paulo Freire. The work of Dr. Freire was largely about exposing oppressive social realities. Dr. Freire never confused his role by using passive language or agreement for the sake of getting along; His work meant to challenge critical thinking skills. So in that sense, I feel comfortable with my assessment. Having true faith for Dr. Freire was about being engaged in political action that addresses the underserved within oppressive regimes. In short, I don’t espouse to be a saint. Thanks again. I enjoyed the dialogue:0)

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