Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Inhumane and Secular Inspired Comments

Faith requires rebelliousness, but I feel fairly sure this is not the kind of rebelliousness that is needed. In fact, I know that it isn’t.

I am tired of hearing nonsense from religious leaders in our country, especially when the nonsense is counter intuitive to the religious ideologies they espouse. According to the Washington Post, on December 4th Jerry Falwell Jr. urged students during convocation ceremony to purchase and carry a gun to protect themselves. He suggested that “those Muslims” should be taught a lesson if they showed up on Liberty University campus. He also offered up during his comments that he had a gun on him at that very moment. In my opinion, that display was far from best practice for a moral leader!

According to the Washington Post Falwell stated,  “I’ve always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in,” he says, the rest of his sentence drowned out by loud applause while he said, “and killed them” (Bailey, 2015, para.5).

Is it me, or it this commentary indicative of people we often label as psychologically disturbed and morally deficient? First, based on his comment about good people owning guns, perhaps Mr. Falwell’s gun should be removed, given that he boastfully let all of us in on exactly what level of hatred fills his heart.

Second, it is my opinion that people like Mr. Fawell should be removed from duties where they have the capacity to influence young minds in dangerous ways, while lacking the moral fortitude to refrain from such egregious acts.

Isn’t that exactly what we are trying to stop ISIS from doing online and in person? Aren’t we trying to curtail ISIS and their attempts to influence young minds into believing that it is morally acceptable to exact pain on others, even when they have been conditioned to believe the act is righteous? Maybe Mr. Fawell should inspect his language as a tool that surfaces from an ungodly place with the aim to produce evil. My bad; he did, and he found that if he had to say it again, he would say it the same way.

In spite of all of the evidence that Mr. Falwell so generously offered up for inspection, you can rest assured that he will not be removed from his duties for the mere fact that his duties are the result of nepotism rather than our socially prized, yet delusional, notions of meritocracy. In short, his daddy got him this gig. While that may sound a wee bit harsh, remember that the Lord loves the truth, and I would not want to fail at being my brother’s keeper.

Beyond the ways in which Mr. Fawell acquired his professional responsibilities, his words during convocation on December 4th lacked the foundation of Christian principles that, quite frankly, children of Christian teaching learn before their elementary years are over. Sadly, his words were not in alignment with anything that suggested even a modicum of true faith. In fact, his words signified the opposite-a complete lack of faith.

As I watched and heard his words transmitted repeatedly through news broadcasts, I did not hear anything that resembled loving thy neighbor, turning the other cheek, or forgiveness. Personally, I felt embarassed by how lacking his instructions appeared. As a parent of a college aged child, I would remove my child from that environment, but that’s just me.

Remember, Mr. Falwell, that Micha 6:8 instructs us all that the Lord requires of us to do justice (to stand with what is morally right, but this does not mean to seek revenge or promote violence), love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. Within Micha 6:8 is a call for righteous indignation on behalf of the lest of us, but all I heard from you was indignation.


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